“Maintaining the UPI Payment System: Study Suggests Govt May Consider 0.3% Fee”

The authorities may additionally recall a 0.3 in step with cent uniform virtual price facilitation charge to fund the infrastructure required for such transactions and also to ensure financial viability of the UPI charge gadget, advised a examine through IIT Bombay.

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The facilitation rate of 0.3 in keeping with cent can generate around Rs five,000 crore in 2023-24, said the have a look at titled ‘costs for PPI-based UPI bills–The Deception’. The study, which analyses the effect of the decision of the countrywide bills organisation of India (NPCI) to introduce interchange fee on bills via cell wallets, argued that the payments received through traders have to continue to be ‘unpolluted’ whether they’re from UPI immediately or through pay as you go e-wallets. The NPCI, with effect from April 1, 2023 introduced an interchange price of one.1 consistent with cent on transaction amount for usage of prepaid fee gadgets for making bills via UPI to merchants.

These will apply on prepaid pockets-based UPI merchant transactions. Rather than thrusting the operational charges onto the traders and creating a disparity, it need to be borne by way of the pay as you go wallet user, thereby never introducing a situation similar to passive smoking. This could preserve all UPI-based bills obtained by way of traders unpolluted and unburdened of service provider bargain rate (MDR). In step with the IIT Bombay Technical report, the absence of an upfront fee-surcharge might lead to an usual boom within the selling fee for all, even those who pay through undeniable vanilla UPI (regular UPI).

Hence, the enterprise cost of service provider will pass up. Towards this backdrop, the take a look at made a case for introducing 0.3 in step with cent facilitation charge on virtual payments that can generate as a lot as Rs 5,000 crore in economic 2023-24. However, as per the present regulation no bank or gadget company who operates UPI (unified payments interface) shall impose, whether without delay or indirectly, any charge upon someone making or receiving a payment by means of using UPI as a method of price. So financial institution account transaction and payment on same wallet is unfastened as of now.

On more than one occasion, the banks and gadget providers had attempted to interpret the UPI-regulation in a manner that ideal them. The players inside the payment system are exploiting the traders and all customers by way of integrating an avoidable layer of cost to the natural fee device that exists in undeniable vanilla UPI, it said. The thrust of pay as you go wallet merchant discount rate (MDR) onto the traders is so sturdy that it has grow to be an awful lot simpler for the merchants to succumb to the equal and hold with their targeted commercial enterprise prospects by using considering such fees as overheads (thus constructing the same into the selling rate), it stated. This inherently increases the acquisition fee for all consumers and for this reason hurts the clients more as they in the end endure the convoluted value of such payment gadget extravaganza, it delivered. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her today’s price range speech said “the economic system has end up plenty greater formalised as pondered in the EPFO club more than doubling to 27 crore, and seven,four hundred crore virtual payments of Rs 126 lakh crore via UPI in 2022”.

As in step with the record authored with the aid of Ashish Das, the authorities and RBI had been bearing big charges on printing and management of currency. Over the past few years they’ve spent, it stated on a mean, Rs 5,four hundred crore yearly on currency printing on my own or even more on foreign money management.

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The expenditure in the direction of UPI may be much lower and could even curtail the expenditure on foreign money, it said, including, a discount in coins-cost burden ought to partially get channelized for furthering the UPI surroundings. Shifting towards a solution, it said just like RBI of their books of account provisions for the cost of currency printing and management, it need to also provision for bearing the expenses related to the control of the P2P and the offline P2M UPI infrastructure.

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Sarkar UPI payment system ko maintain karne ke liye 0.3 pratishat fee ka vichar karegi: Report

Ek IIT Bombay ke adhyayan ke anusar, sarkar digital payment suvidha ke liye avashyak infrastructure ka vyavastha karne ke liye aur UPI payment system ki arthik gati ko bhi dhyan mein rakhte hue, 0.3 pratishat ekikrit digital payment suvidha shulk ka vichar karna sambhav hai.

Is shulk se 2023-24 mein lagbhag Rs 5,000 crore ka vyay ankit kiya gaya hai, jiska shirshak ‘PPI-based UPI payments–The Deception’ hai.

Is adhyayan mein, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) ke faisale ka prabhav jisme mobile wallets ke madhyam se kiye gaye bhugtan ke liye antarvarti shulk ko shuru kiya gaya, ka anusandhan kiya gaya hai. Isse tark kiya gaya hai ki vyapariyon dvara prapt bhugtan, seedhe UPI ya prepaid e-wallets ke madhyam se kiye gaye, avikshit rahne chahiye.

NPCI ne 1 April, 2023 se prepaid payment instruments ka upayog karke UPI ke madhyam se vyapariyon ko bhugtan karne par 1.1 pratishat antarvarti shulk shuru kiya hai. Ye prepaid wallet-based UPI merchant transactions par lagu hoga.

Vyapariyon par chal rahe karyakari kharchon ko uthakar ek viparitata paida karne ki jagah, ise prepaid wallet prayogakarta dvara bhugtan kiya jana chahiye, jisse passive smoking jaisi sthiti nahi utpann ho.

Isse sabhi UPI-based bhugtan jo vyapariyon dvara prapt kiye jate hain, unhe dhul-mitti ki tarah shuddh aur MDR se bina bojh ke rakha jata hai.

IIT Bombay Technical Report ke anusar, upfront payment-surcharge ke abhav mein sabhi ke liye bikri ke daam mein vriddhi hogi, jaise ki plain vanilla UPI (normal UPI) se bhugtan karne wale bhi. Iske parinamswarup, vyapariyon ke vyavasayik lagat badh jayenge.

Is halat ke beech, adhyayan ne digital bhugtan par 0.3 pratishat suvidha shulk prastut karne ka vichar kiya hai, jisse arthik varsh 2023-24 mein Rs 5,000 crore tak ki aay prapt ho sakti hai.

Halaanki, abhi ke niyamon ke anusar, koi bhi bank ya system provider jo UPI (unified payments interface) chalata hai, sidhe ya parokshan roop se UPI ka upayog karke kisi vyakti dwara kiye gaye bhugtan par koi shulk lagane ki koshish nahi kar sakta hai.

Isliye, bank khate aur ek hi wallet par bhugtan karne ki suvidha abhi bhi muft hai.

Kai baar, bhugtan system ke khiladi

UPI Kya h? Or unke features kya h

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ek payment system hai jo National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) dwara develop kiya gaya hai aur ismein users apne mobile phones ka istemal karke vyapariyon aur vyaktiyon ko turant bhugtan karne ki anumati deta hai. UPI ek real-time payment system hai, iska matlab hai ki dhan payer ke bank account se turant payee ke bank account mein transfer ho jata hai.

UPI ka upyog karne ke liye, aapke paas UPI-enabled app jaise Google Pay, PhonePe, ya Paytm wala smartphone hona chahiye. Iske alawa aapko UPI ko support karne wale bank account ki bhi jarurat hoti hai. In cheezon ke baad, aap UPI bhugtan karne ke liye nimnlikhit kadam follow kar sakte hain:

  1. Apne UPI app ko kholen.
  2. Payee ke Virtual Payment Address (VPA) ko enter karen. Ye ek unique pehchan hai jo aap dusre vyakti ko paise bhejne ke liye istemal kar sakte hain. Aap payee ka VPA unke UPI app ya unki website par prapt kar sakte hain.
  3. Bhejne wale rashi ko enter karen.
  4. Apna UPI PIN enter karen. Ye ek char-digit PIN hai jise aap apne bhugtan ko authenticate karne ke liye istemal karte hain.
  5. “Pay” par tap karen.

Dhan bhejne ka paisa turant aapke bank account se payee ke bank account mein transfer ho jayega. Aap apne bank se ek confirmation message prapt karenge.

Yahan kuch UPI ke features hain:

  • Ye ek real-time payment system hai, jiska matlab hai ki dhan payer ke bank account se turant payee ke bank account mein transfer ho jata hai.
  • Ye interoperable hai, jiske matlab hai ki aap ise istemal karke kisi bhi vyakti ko bhugtan kar sakte hain jo UPI-enabled app ka upyog kar raha ho, unki bank se jyotirmay ho ya na ho.
  • Ye surakshit hai, kyunki ismein aapke bhugtan ko suraksha karne ke liye do-factor authentication (2FA) ka istemal kiya jata hai.
  • Ye suvidhajanak hai, kyunki aap ise istemal karke kahin se bhi, kabhi bhi bhugtan kar sakte hain.

UPI, 500 million se adhik upyogakartaon ke saath Bharat mein sabse lokpriya bhugtan vidhiyon mein se ek ban gaya hai. Ye ek suvidhajanak, surakshit aur interoperable bhugtan karne ka ek accha vikalp hai.

Yahan kuch UPI ka fayda hai:

  • Turant bhugtan: UPI bhugtan turant prakriya hota hai, iska matlab hai ki paisa aapke bank account se turant payee ke bank account mein transfer ho jata hai.
  • Suvidha: Aap apne smartphone ka istemal karke kahin se bhi, kabhi bhi UPI se bhugtan kar sakte hain.
  • Suraksha: UPI 2FA ka istemal karke aapke bhugtan ko surakshit rakhta hai, iska matlab hai ki aapko har bhugtan ko authenticate karne ke liye ek PIN ya ungali pravesh karna hota hai.
  • Interoperability: UPI ka upyog karke aap kisi bhi vyakti ko bhugtan kar sakte hain jo UPI-enabled app ka upyog kar raha ho, unki bank se jyotirmay ho ya na ho.

Agar aap suvidhajanak, surakshit aur interoperable bhugtan vidhi ki talash mein hain, toh UPI ek accha vikalp hai.

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